Daily Skin Care for Adult Acne

Do you suffer from adult acne? It’s not an uncommon affliction. Fortunately, there are ways you can deal with your acne that will minimize the occurrence and severity of your breakouts. Try taking the following advice from our Tacoma Botox clinic on how to clean and care for an acne-prone face:

  • Don’t wash your face more than twice a day, if you can avoid it. Overcleansing leaves your skin vulnerable. After all, it is a common misconception that acne is caused by dirt.
  • Use warm water, and not hot water, paired with a cleanser specially designed for acne. The soap you use on your body is likely too harsh for the sensitive skin on your face.
  • Wash your face by massaging the soap into your skin with your fingertips. A washcloth is too harsh for your face.
  • Pat your skin dry, instead of rubbing it.
  • Avoid astringents, masks, and rubbing alcohol.
  • Your acne cleanser is likely leaving you vulnerable to the sun. Fortunately, it is a common misconception that sunblock causes acne. Seek out a full spectrum sunblock if you intend to go outside.
  • If you’re a man and you need to shave your face, seek out a shaving gel that is specially designed for acne-prone skin. Experiment with safety razors until you find something that you’re comfortable with using on your face.