Do I Need a Toner?

The world of skin care products has blown up from its simple beginnings, and one product that is starting to fall between the cracks is toner. The purpose of this product has long been to clear away lingering remnants of oil and dead skin cells, a job that really ought to be covered by a good enough cleanser. With this in mind, many of the skin-health savvy clients at our Tacoma Botox clinic are wondering: do I really need to use a toner at all?

The answer is really not a simple yes or no, any more so than one person’s skin care should be the same as everyone else’s. In truth, toner does have something to offer to many people, depending on their particular needs. Skin care professionals will mostly recommend toner for patients with oily skin, bad pores, and acne problems. Even if you do not fall into this category, though, a toner may serve well to supplement your skin care with additional antioxidants or exfoliants. Consult your own skin care professional for more information on toners.