Don’t Pop Your Pimples

Adult acne is a problem that a lot of people who visit our Tacoma Botox clinic struggle with. There’s very rarely an easy solution to this problem, and many people are tempted to pop their blemishes in order to release the pus and hasten the recovery process. Unfortunately, this is not as good an idea as it may seem at first glance.

The truth is that your skin has isolated the insides of your pimple for a reason, and this reason is that it doesn’t want the contents thereof to get out. When you pop a pimple, while much of the pus is released, some of it is invariably going to be driven further into your skin. This is why you probably experience new blemishes near the location of the original shortly after popping it. If you need to remove your pimples prematurely, seek out a product called a comedone extractor.