Looking Younger with Botox and Fillers in Tacoma

Facial Lines and Furrows

Botox injections and derma fillers are surging in popularity these days. Mature and even younger people patronize the procedures owing to their dramatic results, competitive pricing and good safety profile. Many certified practitioners offer their services in the realm of facial aesthetics without surgery, making the practise a true billion dollar industry in the US.

It’s really about those facial lines, signs of aging on the face that can be reversed or neutralized by botox and fillers. Just what are the facial regions that best benefit from these treatment options?

The skin of the eyelid is the first to bear the noticeable marks of aging. It is the thinnest skin of the body and is more prone to stretch, losing its elasticity early. Excessive squinting, eye-rubbing, and sun exposure can also contribute to sagging and wrinkling around the eyes. Called ‘crow’s feet’, they are the wrinkles that radiate out from the outer edges of the eyes. Well-place botox injections are perfect for softening these wrinkles and those between the brows and may last four to five months. If not botox, dermal fillers may be used to add volume and plump out the wrinkles.

The forehead is another zone where furrows appear. The vertical lines show between the eyebrows, just above the nose, while horizontal wrinkles can create deep grooves across the forehead. They tend to sag and give an old, permanent look of anxiety even when one is smiling. While this can be addressed by surgery, a less invasive option is botox injections. Treatment must be repeated every four to five months though, in order to maintain the smooth appearance.

Around the mouth and the nose moderate to severe wrinkles and folds form. These are sometimes called smile lines, and at the corners of the mouth, so-called marionette lines. There are also finer lines above the upper lip. Fillers can improve the appearance of these lines by plumping them, becoming less prominent or disappearing entirely in case of finer lines.

Be Safe with Tacoma Botox

Over at our botox clinic in Tacoma, we offer both treatments for your facial worries. Greet the new year looking fabulously younger and safer. Get experienced and certified treatment only from the hands of experts here.