Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

Our Tacoma Botox clinic has previously discussed the importance of sleep on your skin’s health. In order to fully take advantage of the healing powers of sleep, there are certain measures you can take to maximize healing and minimize the potential for unnecessary damage. Consider the following routine for when you settle down for the night:

  • Take a Warm Bath: A good, warm soak is a great way to relax and get ready to sleep. Unwind in a bath, washing your skin with a mild cleanser to remove the grit and oils you accumulated through the day.
  • Apply Proper Moisturizers: Try using a good eye cream with glycerin, and a petrolatum lip balm to keep your delicate skin hydrated throughout the night.
  • Save Retinoids for the Night: Skin products with vitamin A, or retinoids, are powerful ways to prevent or remove wrinkles. However, they can also increase your sensitivity to the sun. Using them at night is a good way around this.
  • Sleep on Your Back: When your face is pressed up against your pillow all night, it can lead to lines that eventually become permanent.